Holiday Entertaining

chocolate party trays dessert buffet holiday entertaining holiday parties

When it comes to the Holidays and entertaining, we tend to over-think the menu, the decor and time it takes to do it all! As a former caterer for 15 years, some suggestions follow to help make your Holiday entertaining stress less. Simple is best, a few touches of Holiday-ness is all you really need to suggest a festive commemoration. Good lighting and candles are essential, they soften the mood, create warmth and make everyone look good! Music is another essential, but keep it in the background.  There are so many options from the music channel on cable to Pandora...

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Mixed Nuts

Every Christmas, my folks give us a bag of mixed nuts…. Perhaps they are reminding us that, as a family of 10 children, with spouses and grandchildren, we are all a bag of mixed nuts. Come to think of it, my life is a bag of mixed nuts. All of my friends, family, customers and acquaintances have their own qualities, some saltier than others, some more subtle than others, some creamier than others. Each of their unique qualities makes them a delight.   And, all together, the whole bag is full of rich, healthy nuttiness! I really, really like my bag...

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