Our Story


I loved pantries as a kid!  From the one in the house where I lived as a child,  to the large, Wisconsin farmhouse pantries of my aunts'. Oh, the possibilities!  The creations that came out of those pantries....homemade bread, sweet candy, cookies, pies, and more sweet things; and the crunchy pickles, condiments and makings for so many savory dishes.

I was hooked! Not only by the food that came out of those pantries, but also by the creativity, work and love that was put into that food.  Those women held those pantries as the heart of their responsibility. They needed to keep their families and guests tastily well fed  and were my inspiration.

Along with those fresh food experiences, my mother's instruction in homemaking to help with 9 siblings and her artistic influence, I emerged with a talent for creating, and love of everything homey and tasty. 

After 15 years of owning and running a catering business that catered events up to 3000 guests, I took a break. But the food business bug bit again, creating home-made toffee and chocolates with favorite all-natural ingredients and flavors.

Along with my husband, Pat (my own Sweet P!) we invite you to savor our Artisan Toffee and Chocolates, and become part of the Sweet P's Pantry extended family.  We always welcome your comments and correspondence.

Thank you!
Sharon & Pat Pavich.... The Sweet P's in the Pantry