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Our Story

About Us: Sweet P's Pantry - A Delicious Journey with Gold Coast Candy

Welcome to Sweet P's Pantry, where we blend the traditions of Wisconsin with the flavors of Ghana to create a unique and delightful culinary experience. Our story is one of passion, friendship, and a shared love for exceptional treats.

Meet the Owners

Sweet P's Pantry is now under the loving care of Yaw Asare and Orson Fournillier, two remarkable individuals who have embarked on an exciting journey to introduce Lake Country customers to the authentic tastes of Ghana-style brittle. But that's not all; they are also on a mission to spread the joy of Sweet P's products across the entire state of Wisconsin.

The Brittle Daddies     

A Ghanaian Inspiration

Yaw Asare, one of our owners, grew up in Ghana, where he fondly enjoyed a traditional snack - brittle. Nostalgia for this cherished treat led him to recreate it here in Wisconsin. Armed with a family recipe and a dream, Yaw began making samples and sharing them with friends and family.

His pursuit of perfection brought him to Sweet P's Pantry, where he collaborated with the previous owner, Sharon Pavich, to refine the recipe to its current, delectable form. Thus began the beautiful partnership between Gold Coast Candy and Sweet P's Pantry.

A Partnership Blossoms

In 2019, Gold Coast Candy was born, specializing in Ghana-style brittle inspired by Yaw's childhood memories. Sweet P's Pantry became the co-packer for Gold Coast Candy, producing and selling this delightful brittle in-store. Varieties like cashew, peanut, pistachio, and three-seed brittle quickly became customer favorites. The partnership flourished.

Yaw Asare and Sharon Pavich However, in 2021, Sharon Pavich announced her retirement, initially causing some concern. Yet, Yaw and Orson saw a golden opportunity. With Gold Coast Candy's expansion into over 20 stores by June 2022, they decided to make an offer on Sweet P's Pantry, realizing its potential as a hidden gem in the Lake Country area.


Our Vision

Yaw and Orson are passionate about sharing their love for African flavors and extending Sweet P's reach. They aim to deepen their roots in Oconomowoc while introducing Sweet P's products to customers outside the area. Simultaneously, they plan to bring the Ghana-style brittle to the local Oconomowoc community and expand their retail presence.

Currently based in Appleton, these co-owners envision further growth in Wisconsin, aiming for a presence in the Fox Valley. Their customer base spans from Green Bay to Madison and Milwaukee. 

Our Delicious Offerings

At Sweet P's Pantry, we offer an array of delectable treats, including toffees, caramels, truffles, nut and chocolate clusters, candied nuts (some even recognized at state fairs), and assortments of toffee-covered and chocolate-covered delights.

But beyond chocolates, we provide an opportunity to express gratitude and joy through the art of gift-giving. Our key values revolve around sharing the pleasure of delicious food and gifts with your loved ones.

Join Us in Spreading Joy

Sweet P's Pantry is more than just a confectionery. We are a place where joy is crafted, shared, and celebrated. Yaw and Orson are dedicated to building collaborations with local businesses interested in carrying our brittle or offering unique gift boxes.

At Sweet P's, we sell joy. Join us in this delightful journey, and let's savor the flavors of Wisconsin and Ghana together. Thank you for choosing Sweet P's Pantry, where every bite is a taste of happiness.