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Sweet P's: Where Every Bite is an Award Winner!

Sweet P's: Where Every Bite is an Award Winner!

Hey candy lovers! Get ready to drool over some of Sweet P's most amazing, award-winning treats. These guys aren’t just making candies; they’re crafting bite-sized masterpieces that have snagged some pretty big awards. Let’s dive into a few of their star creations!

First up, the Cashew Almond Toffee – it’s a total knockout! Winning hearts at both the 2018 Wisconsin State Fair and the 2019 International Chocolate

 is a crunchy, buttery delight. Think rich toffee packed with nuts. Yum! Then there’s the Honey Butter Pecan Toffee from the 2019 International Chocolate Salon. It’s like a sweet, nutty hug for your taste buds, with honey, butter, and pecans all playing their parts perfectly.

We can't forget the local faves! The Wisconsin Cherry Caramel scooped up an award at the 2019 State Fair, mixing tart cherries with smooth caramel – it’s like a little piece of Wisconsin in every bite. And for something totally different, check out the Rosemary Salt and Pepper Pecan from the 2016 fair. It’s a savory-sweet mix that’ll surprise you in the best way.

And oh boy, the latest sensation: Sharay’s Ghana Style Brittle, both pistachio and peanut versions, won at the 2023 State Fair. They’re bringing some awesome Ghana vibes into the mix. So, whenever you grab a Sweet P's candy, remember you're not just munching on a treat, you're savoring award-winning deliciousness. Keep it sweet folks!

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