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Sweet Treats Celebrating a New School Year!

Sweet Treats Celebrating a New School Year!

Sweet Treats Celebrating a New School Year!

Reaching the end of summer can only mean one thing - kids are headed back to the classroom and teachers are busy kicking off another school year. This time of year can be hectic and stressful.

What better way to let our hard-working teachers and school staff know they are appreciated than with a treat from Sweet P’s? Forget the apples, you’ll be sure to be the teacher’s pet with a sweet surprise to start the year off right.

From cookies, to toffee, chocolate and more – there’s bound to be something that your child’s teacher will love. And let’s not forget the principal, secretary and lunch ladies too! All equally worthy of a tasty treat.

If you’re not sure what in particular your teacher would like, consider purchasing a gift card to allow them the luxury of choosing just the right sweet morsel that they’re sure to enjoy.

And what about your own children? If you really want to make them smile, sneak a special treat from Sweet P’s into their lunchbox or save it for when they get home on their first day of school.

Even college students away from home love their special care packages sent to the new dorm room, which is sure to remind them how much they are loved and missed.

No matter who you are celebrating, we’re sure to have something uniquely special that will bring a huge smile, making that 7 am wake up call to catch the bus on time and the mounds of homework a little more manageable.

Sweet P’s has a wide variety of options to choose from, available on our website,, or in store. Don’t forget, we ship too!

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