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Sweet Holiday Gift Giving

Sweet Holiday Gift Giving

As the popular holiday saying goes, “tis better to give than receive.” And nothing could be truer at Christmastime.

We spend countless hours shopping online or standing in long lines at stores to get just the right gift for that someone special on our list. And while there’s so much focus on commercialism with acquiring more “stuff” that we just can’t seem to live without, a more considerate gift this time of year is a gift that comes straight from the heart, and goes directly into the stomach!

Yes, the gift of something sweet this time of year can be both thoughtful and delightful all in one. Whether you’re gifting your family, friends, teachers, employers or coworkers, Sweet P’s makes gift giving so easy for you.

We’ve got countless holiday goodies just waiting to be placed into a gift bag with a shiny red bow on top – and guaranteed to make the person on the receiving end extremely satisfied.

For a unique holiday gift, consider putting together a basket of goodies including:

  • Our signature homemade toffee
  • A bag of spiced pecans
  • Melt in your mouth caramels
  • Some old-fashioned sponge candy
  • Brandy-old fashioned truffles
  • Crunchy & delicious peanut brittle

A little bit of the best of everything we offer will make your gift exclusive and irresistible, and be sure to leave a lasting impression on your recipient.

For all your holiday gift giving needs, please visit our website for countless other options available at We are happy to ship too, making sure your gift arrives just in time for December 25th.

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