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What’s New in the Pantry?

What’s New in the Pantry?

What’s New in the Pantry you ask, well....

We’ve got a few new products to showcase month at Sweet P’s!

If it’s unique and one of a kind, you can be sure that Sweet P’s will find it and bring it to you! That’s definitely how we feel about our new Wine Gummies. With flavors in Merlot, Champagne and Sauvignon Blanc, these gummies are paired well for snacking with some cheese or your favorite chocolate. 

Or consider our Wine Tasting Chocolate Box. It includes 18 individually wrapped 72% Dark French Chocolate petite squares to pair with your favorite wines! Don’t worry, neither the chocolates or the gummies have actual alcohol in them.

Also a newer item, are our varieties of Beer Bread mixes. Paired with a cozy soup or hearty stew this winter, these delicious flavors of bread are easy to throw together and bake in a pinch.

Of course, what goes better with bread than jam? We have a great variety of fresh jams and spreads from companies like Bushel & Peck (Beloit, WI) and LuAnn’s (East Troy, WI) – with flavors like strawberry-rhubarb, cherry lavender and raspberry-cran, you can be sure that each fruit is picked and cooked at the peak of their freshness.

And don't forget, we have Local Honey from Honey Acres and Homestead Farms. Along with Smokin T's and Bushel and Pecks Hot Sauces, you have the makings for a great meal.

And for our Vegan friends, we’ve got you covered too, with Vegan, Raw chocolates and chocolate bars!  And let’s not forget the Sugar-Free chocolate lovers!. We’ve got a wide selection of tasty dark chocolate, sugar free bars to choose from.

Be sure to stop in soon and see for yourself all the new and flavorful treats we have to choose from!




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