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Valentine's Day - Traditional vs. Unique Chocolate

Valentine's Day - Traditional vs. Unique Chocolate

The season of love can really be spelled out in one simple word – C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E!

Chocolate has long been associated with Valentine’s Day gift giving. Dating as far back as the 1600s, chocolate became a popular way to show appreciation and love for others. Fast forward to 2020, with nearly $2 billion a year in chocolate & candy sales alone, Valentine’s Day continues to make chocolate the most preferred gift of the holiday.

But what kind of a chocolate giver are you?

The traditional chocoholic might prefer a velvety smooth French silk truffle, creamy milk chocolate peanut butter cup or a deliciously dark sea salt caramel. (All of which we make from scratch right here at our shop.)

But the latest and most unique trend sweeping the chocolate world is the new ruby chocolate. Made from the ruby cocoa bean, this new taste experience in chocolate has an intense fruity flavor and is true to its “ruby” or pinkish hue.

Developed by the Belgian-Swiss cocoa company, Callebaut, this new 4th chocolate variety has slowly been finding its way into unique Valentine’s Day gift giving over the last few years.

Here at Sweet P’s, we’ve developed our own version of a unique ruby chocolate treat, in the form of a Ruby Rosé truffle. You can find them nestled among our more traditional chocolate flavored truffles and caramels, in our Valentine’s Day assorted chocolate box.

It’s just one gift of many that you’ll be sure to want to choose for your own special someone this Valentine’s holiday. Be sure to stop on by our shop or visit us online for your traditional or unique chocolate experience!


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