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Trying Something New in the New Year

Trying Something New in the New Year

Although it may sound cliché, the New Year is the perfect time to set new goals, make resolutions and try new things. And if 2021 is anything like its predecessor, the year will once again challenge us to pivot and think outside of the box. 

In the wake of such an unusual year, we are reflecting on how we learned the art of chocolate innovation in a most equally unexpected way…the Hot Chocolate bomb.

What’s a hot chocolate bomb you ask? Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve certainly heard of this overnight sensation that took the internet by storm last year and became the #1 sought-after indulgent treat.

A simple chocolate sphere, filled with more chocolatey hot cocoa goodness, marshmallows and sprinkles, all melting together under a steaming bath of warm milk, to create the most delicious cup of hot chocolate you’ve ever drank in your life.

And the world went bonkers for them. So did the Lake Country area coincidentally, with Sweet P’s selling a multitude of these delightful little treats over the course of the 2020 holiday season.

There were times when our shop was literally making our capacity of bombs a day, and still not keeping up with the demand for everyone needing to try this chocolate delight for themselves!

Trying something new – like the Hot Chocolate Bomb – turned out to be a rather sweet reward for our shop. In fact, we’ve decided to up our capacity and create a whole new line of Hot Chocolate Bombs that are  available all year long, with seasonal flavors.

Sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone and venturing down a new path can seem daunting at first, but in the end, the results can be both surprising and worth it. What new challenge will you set before you at the start of this New Year?

Here’s to hoping it’s a bombshell the equivalent of ours!

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