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Summer Picnic Treats

Summer Picnic Treats

Summer Picnic Treats

There’s nothing quite like a summer picnic to brighten your day. Picnics become a popular way for people to mingle and eat socially in outdoor parks, dating as far back as the 17th century. Originating from the French, the word, picque-nique, simply meant “pick your food.” The custom to bring along what you wanted to eat at your meal, eventually evolved into what it has become today.

But that tradition of picnicking still carries strong in today’s culture. Summer in Wisconsin is a great time for packing up a picnic lunch to eat at the park, or gathering together in the backyard to enjoy a meal together with neighbors, family and friends.

Aside from the tradition brat or burger, side of corn and potato salad, what can you bring along to a picnic that’s easy to eat and a fun treat? Choosing something that won’t melt away in the hot, summer sun is always a plus.

Sweet P’s offers a few different picnic style treats that are just perfect to pack along in your basket. Our jumbo toffee or chocolate chip cookies are large and in charge! And because we keep them frozen until we sell them, they’ll stay nice and chewy for your dessert.

Picnic Basket

Also a fan snack favorite are our P’s Party Pretzels, in both savory and sriracha varieties. Who doesn’t love a crunchy pretzel alongside their sandwich?

And what about some of our toffee popcorn or delicious spiced pecans? A sweet and chewy treat that you can munch on while you sit on your picnic blanket and enjoy the beautiful day.

With only so many days to enjoy this summer, we hope you’ll take advantage and enjoy a picnic this season. What’s your favorite treat to bring along?

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