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Locally Sourced Pantry from Wisconsin

Locally Sourced Pantry from Wisconsin

Have you ever wondered what the Pantry in Sweet P’s Pantry stands for? We actually carry quite a few locally sourced pantry items in our store that come right from businesses here in Wisconsin.

With the growing popularity and trends of local Farmer’s Markets, items including fresh produce, bread, dairy products, and free-range meat and poultry have never been more easily accessible.

There are huge benefits to buying foods that come from your particular region. Local food is fresher, tastes better and is likely more nutritious than food that has to be brought in from far distances.

Our shop has a great variety of fresh jams and spreads from companies like Bushel & Peck (Beloit, WI) and LuAnn’s (East Troy, WI) – with flavors like strawberry-rhubarb, cherry lavender and raspberry-cran, you can be sure that each fruit is picked and cooked at the peak of their freshness.

And what could be any sweeter than our locally sourced honey, from our friends at Homestead Honey in Ashippun, WI? Each flavor of honey is specifically unique to the bee’s flower source. You can really taste the difference in sweetness for each variety.

Our Smokin’ T’s tomato sauces are made right around the corner in Delafield, WI. And our LaBelle cheeses are all from Koepke Family Farms here in the heart of Oconomowoc, WI.


We also feature Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup out of Cumberland, WI. March is also known as maple sugaring season, when the sap is running from the trees and spends hours being boiled down into delicious maple syrup.

From honey, to cheese and jam, Sweet P’s has you covered when it comes to fresh, locally sourced food. Be sure to check out all our delicious pantry options the next time you are visiting our store.

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