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Food & Family: A Season of Togetherness

Food & Family: A Season of Togetherness

This month, we’re talking about those special bonds and connections that make spending time together so important. Memories of Grandma’s fresh baked butter horns fresh out of the oven, or the smells of Mom’s turkey, pumpkin pie and other Thanksgiving traditional favorites are permanently linked to our senses and mirrored in what we value most – family.

Thanksgiving is a time when food connects us. Food brings us back, reminds us of our youth, and carries on the importance of tradition.

This time of year especially, sweets are in full swing. Whether it be pies, cookies, cakes or candies, each family has their favorite recipes that have been passed down, and bring a special place of joy in our hearts.

While Sweet P’s Pantry offers a variety of treats, from chocolate and toffee, to homemade marshmallows and fudge, we also offer a unique assortment of spiced nuts and candied fruit.

Our flavorful Spiced Orange Pecans, or Chocolate Covered Candied Citrus Peel are simply delicious, especially when paired with a burst of sweet and sour flavors from a traditional favorite, the cranberry. Sugared Cranberries, a tart and tasty treat can easily be made at home with this simple DIY recipe.

Sugared Cranberries

2 cups sugar
1 cup water
2 cups fresh cranberries,  washed and picked over

 2 cups sugar for coating

Combine 2 cups sugar and 1 cup water over medium heat, bring to boil stirring occasionally. Bring mixture to 230* and take off heat.  Let cool for about 2 minutes. Add fresh cranberries and stir.  Put in refrigerator overnight or at least 8 hours. Take out of refrigerator and stir.

Drain the mixture in a colander, keeping a good glossy coat of syrup on the cranberries. Toss the cranberries in the remaining 2 cups sugar, a small handful at a time, to coat. Put coated cranberries on a plate or sheet pan to dry, about 4-6 hours.

Serve in a pretty dish and enjoy!

You’ll be making and devouring these little treats all holiday season long…like eating nature’s candy.

And whatever your plans are this Thanksgiving, we hope that good food and the company of loved ones are at the center of your day.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Sweet P’s Pantry!

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