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Naturally Sweet Summer in Wisconsin

Oh we are so happy Summer is here!

From the music festivals and outdoor community concerts to the BBQ's and tailgaiting at baseball parks. Our outdoor enjoyment is so short in the Midwest that we treasure every single moment.

Join us in taking the time to savor the natural beauty,  time to savor the natural goodness of people. and time to savor the natural goodness of so many home-cooked, home made and hand crafted foods that abound at farmer's markets, local restaurants and shops.

Visit a farm and pick berries, go to the state or county fair to see the animals and proud keepers of those loved beasts that feed us. Go fishing! 

Take a walk on a country road or a bicycle ride on the many trails of our great state. Smell the sweet grasses growing, watch the birds fly and listen to their naturally joyful conversation with each other. Delight in the wildflowers and 'weeds'. How do those plants make those colors and those tiny spots on the petals?

Have a campfire.

Make lots of recipes that you have never made before with a find from the farmer's market. So many naturally sweet and savory flavors waiting to be unleashed to please us.

Enjoy this summer in Wisconsin with everything you have!!!

Sweet Regards,

Sharon & Pat





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